Luke Medlock

Product Designer

Who am I?

"Luke Medlock is a multi-disciplinary designer, longing for the world to stop using Comic Sans, unless sarcastically. He marries his desire for designing digital products to find solutions to real user problems in the world, with the need for beauty in our everyday lives, to create products of value that impact and delight. Prior to his work in digital platforms, his adoration for design, both as a practice and a mindset, stemmed from his love of typography. Something that to this day he practices, building brands based around lettering and hand crafted type. In both type and digital, Luke’s worked with well known companies, brands & institutes including Adobe, Smirnoff, Daks, Penguin Books, Glastonbury Festival and University of Arts London."

User Experience Design
100 %
95 %
Concepts & Ideation
90 %
Interface Design
85 %
85 %


Below are the skills I own that have been recognised by companies and clients a like.

Work ethic

"A design legend that is way ahead of his time. He goes above and beyond simply because he loves his craft. You want a man like him in your corner. Trust us." - Dines App


"Luke lead our organisation through a design sprint in which he came up with some of the most bizzar yet innovative ideas we'd seen in years - steller stuff!" - Cisco

Layout & Wireframing

"He architected our entire web service covering all the bases and giving it a much leaner and quicker service for our customers. An impeccable job well done." - Glastonbury Festival


"It has been a privellage making type with Luke, his determination and character shone through and stunning typeface was created." - Penguin Books

Interaction Design

This is another love of mine. Studying behaviours, market trends and current technologies to create an experience that solves a real user need.

User Journey

In my time as an UI/UX Interactions designer my abilty to plot a user's process through digital platforms has become one of my strongest assets.


I have been creating personalised, unique brand identites and promotional materials for firms across the UK - examples can be seen in my portfolio.

Graphic Design

Visual pieces are another strength. I've worked in the field for 5 years creating designs from digital magazines to festival tent displays.

Web Design & Development

"He designed a fully responsive web app for us. Functional, beautiful, completely on brand & market. Thanks for all you've done." - Daks

Video Edition

Throughout my time at University and in the workplace I have presented concepts through self made animation and video depictions.

App Design

I design at a high standard for iOS, Android and tablet devices. I currently work as a digital product designer for a firm in Newcastle.

Time Management

After working in the industry both for agencies and freelance, I am confident in my time management and deadline keeping skills - not one deadline missed.

My Portfolio

A selection of my varying work reaching from experiential design, to app, typography and branding.


My credentials and experience.

My Education

I grew up in Derby where I got my GCSE's, A Levels & BTEC awards. I then upped and left for the north east where I took Interactive Media Design (BA HONS) at Northumbria University in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

My Masters study in Multidisciplinary Design Innovations (MA/MSc) is the next and final step in my immediate plans for education, whilst working in my current design job.

However for the future, I have my eyes on a PHD in the field of Human Computer Interactions.

BA (Hons) Interactive Media Design

Northumbria University / Sept 2013 - July 2016

1st Class with Honours

The course equips participants with the skillset to design the next digital innovation. Working alongside clients to create live projects and designs for industy. Ultimately, learning how to turn creative ideas into immersive and engaging interactive experiences.

A levels: ICT, Music Technologies, Business Studies and Economics.

Chellaston Academy / Sept 2011 - July 2013


From the subjects I took, I learnt a great deal about myself and it finalised my direction down the interactions design route. Also, that I hate economics.

Work Experience

I've worked in pubs and bars, I set up my own digital design company in 2011, I then went to university in 2013 where I worked two jobs alongside my studies: Lecturing for Adobe, and Designing for Hedgehog Lab.

I am very career focussed and goal oriented with a passion for design.

Lead Designer

Hedgehog Lab, Newcastle / February 2017 - Current

7 month

Along side current project design work, my role focuses heavily on current theories & principles within design, leaning to specifics within digital. Then taking those, and applying them into best practices to build up a sound knowledge base for the wider team and strengthen our own process.

UI/UX Designer

Hedgehog Lab, Newcastle / August 2015 - February 2017

1.8 Years

The roll entails working along side other designers and developers on live client projects to create flawless app and web interfaces and experiences. I also work with clients to help develop their brand identity.

Specialist Representative for the Creative Cloud

Adobe / January 2014 - August 2016

3 Years

I host lectures, workshops and events at Northumbria Univerisity, Newcastle University and Durham University on a weekly basis. They range from 80 - 300 people in attendance. I deliver talks on design theory, philosophy and practice. Through my success, Adobe offered an invaluble mentorship with a Lead Designer from Red Badger (experience and technology deisgn firm).


Swisscom, Switzerland / September 2015 - January 2016

5 months

I was part of a team of 25 consisting of psychologists, developers, programmers, designers and researchers from all over the world invited to work at Swisscom HQ in Switzerland on their iPole project. I created designs for a new concept, website, app (both iOS & Andorid), video promotion, presentations, research papers and documentation, logo & branding and much more. It was intense but well worth the experience.

CEO & Designer

TLM Graphics / January 2011 - May 2014

3 Years

I set up my own company in my first year of A Level studies. The company created responsive websites, graphics and media for new and existing companies. It grew to 6 designers most working full time. I built relationships with clients such as Leeds & Reading Festival, Download Festival and Smirnoff that I still maintain.

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Contact Details

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Newcastle upon Tyne, England