iOS apps Android apps, Web apps, Prototypes, Product website, Branding.


Role: Lead Designer (UX & UI)

Dines is a place for foodies. Better yet, it’s a place where users can get discounted food in restaurants, earn points to get money off your next bill, and for every meal you spend, Dines donate a meal to a child in poverty through Mary’s Meals.

For this project, I built two fully interactive and animated prototypes. This helped for several reasons such as gaining the client's trust by showcasing my skills and vision for the platform, but mostly enabling the clients to sign up 70+ high quality restaurants in London to the platform before the apps were built.

There are two apps, one for the restaurant, and one for the customer. These both run on iOS and Android. The restaurant’s also have a responsive web app that allows them to maintain their presence on the Dines platform, but the mobile app to do it on the fly. I also designed a CMS for the Dines Admins to monitor and run the platform all from one site.

I created the Dines branding including tone, colours, typography, logo and the business character & personality. The logo is at the forefront of the dines platform. it is based around a 'd' for Dines, but also the chair of a dining experience because that is what we’re creating here, a new experience for diners. The colours were a bold choice - but necessary to create a loud and disruptive start-up business in the heart of London, a place already heaving with food based platforms. The tone became very playful - unlike the majority of its competitors, giving it a friendly and welcoming personality.