The Dorty Scran Co.

Branding, cookery.

Role: Graphic Designer, Chef, Chief taster.


The Dorty Scran Co is my future dream. If I ever reach the point of being satisfied with the work I’ve done in the world as a designer, I want to open up a small food spot that sells chunky food, and cold beer. The idea actually came from doing 'lunch club' at hedgehog lab in 2016, where a group of 7 of us would take it in turn to cool for each other. A few days before my turn, I was prepping one of my all time favourite dishes; a buffalo chicken burger. Ask anyone, I cannot get enough of the buffalo spice mix. But as I was prepping the chicken pieces I thought I’d set myself a little design challenge to brand up my food and give my friends in the lab beautiful dish to scran on.

Now the name. It’s translation to common tongue is 'the dirty food company', but I’ve been living in Newcastle for 5 years and there ways are better when it comes to food (except cheese, pork pies, and my mum’s cooking - Derby you still own these titles). Dirty also doesn’t mean unhygienic, that’s not a good for a restaurant. It means greasy, it means the opposite of 'clean eating'.

The logo is a buffalo, because like mentioned, I love the spice mix. I’ve made my own buffalo rub, and my own buffalo sauce I love it that much. And seeing as this idea came from making everyone my buffalo chicken burger, I figured it was only appropriate. Originally, I just had the buffalo without the type within it, but I really wanted that hand crafted feel to the brand, so created a type piece to work within the logo mark. It’s rough round the edges, it’s done by hand, slightly different sizes, it’s exactly how the food would come. Finally, it’s all a stamp to slap on whatever food packaging I want.