Silo Surf Shop


Branding, logo, Tag Design, Clothing.

The Silo Surf Shop contacted me asking for a new simplistic logo to go alongside their relaxed, simplistic products designed for the surf culture. The logo uses 3 waves, to represent the three S’s to their name. However, they also join to create an S in their appearance. Designed with label printing in mind, I created a singular colour logo allowing it to be versatile in its application. The logo is also embedded in all labels. Being constructed within a rectangle, it fits to the vintage label print style.

I created the Dines branding including tone, colours, typography, logo and the business character & personality. The logo is at the forefront of the dines platform. it is based around a 'd' for Dines, but also the chair of a dining experience because that is what we’re creating here, a new experience for diners. The colours were a bold choice - but necessary to create a loud and disruptive start-up business in the heart of London, a place already heaving with food based platforms. The tone became very playful - unlike the majority of its competitors, giving it a friendly and welcoming personality.