UI, Branding, UX, Prototyping.

Spaced was a design challenge set by Dann Petty. He created a company called SPACED who provide interstellar travel. You chose 1 deliverable out of 3 options, website homepage, logo & brand, and an app. My main target was the app.

The brief

"The company - SPACED is a space travel company providing the ultimate experience for outer space travel with feature destinations like the Moon , Mars, Earth, and Europa. One of our top features is our cheeky customer service and speed — we can get you anywhere safely in our universe within 1 day.

What we need - Logo/Branding: We need a logo that sums up who we are. We go to infinity and well beyond.
Homepage: We need a homepage that informs our potential customers about our safe travel experience to space. We’re really excited about our new feature destination, the Moon. The website will need to allow for our customers to book travel to our available destinations.
App: We need an app that will allow people to book travel and experiences.

Words that describe us - Awesome, tech, ultimate, experience, high-end, future, quick, Elon, Musk

Phrase that describe us - We’re more Virgin American than United but cheekiness of Southwest. Tesla/Audi for space travel. Our space suits are made by Nike. Our customers can’t afford a Rolex, most rep Apple Watches if anything at all. Our customers have at least one pair of white shoes. If we were a computer we’d be an iMac Pro. If we were a phone we’d be the Pixel 2 XL in white. Stormtroopers + The Darkside. More Coke than Pepsi. If we were a billboard, our product would feature a Mini Cooper.

Things to know - It’s always SPACED, not Spaced, or spaced. Our tagline is: To space and back, safely. We’re fans of lots of black and white with 1-2 accent colours. We like sans seriffonts but not opposed to other options. No VISA necessary for travel. We have competitive pricing. We believe the moon landing was 90% real. The Earth is round. We’re not alone. Saturn has more rings that LeBron James."

Viewing the experiences available for interstellar travel.

Toggling between available destinations, and the content curated for the user.

Viewing in full the Sea of Tranquility experience.

Purchasing a SPACED Pass and viewing it post booking. The pass is also found in the users Apple Watch app.

A user viewing their own profile.